We are a company established in Prague, made up of several guides of different nationalities, both from the Czech Republic and from many diferent conuntries. We seek integration, we like multiculturalism and ethnic diversity, since it also our clients come from all over the world.
Guia explicando sobre la historia de Praga y que es lo mas importane que hay que ver
We have founded this company in 2011. Throughout this time we have acquired the experience necessary to provide our customers with a good quality of service.
We continue to work with a humane and personalized treatment so that you enjoy a good experience.
We carefully select our guides as must prepare for and reside in the Czech Republic for a minimum of two years to be able to work guiding our groups.
Since our guides in spanish are responsible for showing all there is to see and do in Prague to our clients during their stay.
gente del tour paseando para saber que tienen que ver
The guides are prepared to give historical information of the city. Also to give a life experience in Prague with a respectful and friendly treatment with our clients.
We offer within our services the known  tours around the city. But also have different types of tours and excursions with very attractive prices, both inside and outside of Prague.
Don't wait any longer and book any of our excursions or free walking tours, We will be very happy to provide you with our services.
Prague is a reference city for tourism in Europe.

Fashion city in view of the growing supply and demand of tourist services of this city, which also include the freetour.
And it was no less to be expected since over a long time this beautiful city was practically anonymous
Praga - Malá Strana, iglesia de San Nicolás y Petrin
Prague - Malá Strana, Church of St. Nicholas and Petrin
Partly because of the more than forty years in which the Czech Republic was behind the Iron Curtain What satellite country of the USSR. Not much was heard of her until after the fall of communism.
While other European cities enjoyed great abundance, the Czech Republic he started his tourist career practically from scratch.
Imagen de uno de los sitios que hay que visitar y ver en un tour por praga
It has been kept in growing process by leaps and bounds positioning year after year closer to the top in the ranking of the most beautiful and touristic cities in the world.