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Virtual Tours in Prague.

We offer you a new modality from enjoy the beautiful city of Prague, is about virtual tours where you can appreciate the places more touristy, all about Prague virtually.

This is an idea for do tours in a different way and continue showing every corner, every history, architecture, culture that accompanies this city.

News about Prague the Czech Republic.

We will tell you about the news most relevant and the latest events that have happened in the city of Prague, find out about the facts, how to live in Prague in 2021.

Tours and activities in different destinations in Prague and the Czech Republic

Here you will find the best tour offers in Prague, activities and excursions from the city. Reservation your first guided tour and discover everything you have to see and visit to make your time in Prague unforgettable.

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More tour options if you visit Prague in 2, 3, 4 or more days.

Don't waste your time and enjoy the city with the best guides . Here you can find other guided thematic tours if you are going to travel to Prague for more than one day and you don't know what to do.

We will make a guide in english through which you will receive a humane and pleasant treatment. We will know the most important thing to see in Prague at a cultural, historical and architectural level in the most enjoyable and fun way. To enjoy a beautiful experience, it is not always necessary to pay large sums of money. That is why we offer the best prices in our tour offer so that you not only choose one, but several of our services, and of course with great discounts.

Tour options outside of Prague

With guide in Spanish and private transportation.

If you stay several days in Prague, or if you already knew her before, you will surely look for what to see and do in other interesting places in the Czech Republic and surroundings. This country has much more to discover besides the beautiful Prague. The Czech nation has a no number of small towns and medieval towns that turn out to be a poetry in view of its visitors. If your stay will be for more than three or four days in Prague and you are with desire to know more about this beautiful country, you must not waste time or opportunity to go on an excursion, even more so if you have one or two more days to spare on your precious vacation,e we will help you discover all the treasures that the Czech Republic has in store for you.

Events in the city.

Where to party in Prague. Best discos, clubs, pubs, nightclubs and night bars for nightlife

We have prepared a series of tea tips and recommendations that may be of use to you to spend an unforgettable night in Prague. If you want to party, here you will find everything you are looking for. Discover what you can see and do in Prague at night.